A gemstone of Healing / Enhance spiritual clarity and Creativity

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A gemstone of Healing / Enhance spiritual clarity and Creativity


Ametrine gemstone is a  combination of Amethysts and Citrine, amethyst and citrine growing together, a harmonious blending of  stimulating wind energy (amethyst) and action oriented fire energy (citrine)

A rare stone which has immense healing properties and used world-wide in healing stone.

A very good stone to attract spiritual growth and increase creativity


Who should wear an Ametrine?

A  very good stone for people in media, advertising and acting, artists, Spiritual Healers and Spiritual patient, all creative fields benefit immensely from wearing Ametrine stone jewellery.


Emotional Properties

Recognizes and accepts changes that happen to our body (including growing process, implants, transplants), strengthens and calms nerves, dissolves negative energy and replaces with pure, positive light, removes stress, blockages, good interaction, acceptance and compatibility of others, overcomes fears, breaking bad habits

Its Citrine energy will enhance your will, and the Amethyst vibration helps you to break self-defeating habits, that may be holding you back. To create peace and inner harmony.

Mental / Intellectual Properties

optimism, clarity, peace,  intellectual awareness, new ideas. insights, benefits all mental work, taking charge of our life, removes indecision, fear of making a wrong decision

The Citrine vibration helps to boost your creativity,

Physical / Health Properties: 

increases oxygen to body, removes toxins, insight regarding underlying reasons behind our diseases, healing after serious illnesses, losing weight, benefits eye issues and deafness

Spiritual Properties:

Protect negativity i.e. Magic, evil eye, devil n Genies powers

As a Meditation stone,  quick journey to meditative state, concentration during journeys, wards off psychic attacks, clear and decisive action based upon our higher spiritual guidance, harmonizes our spirituality with our mind creating a profound flow of creativity, combines our intellect with spirituality

Source / Discovery / Found / Mines

Originally Bolivia, Today, primarily in South America, nice specimens from Uruguay and Bolivia


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