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Opal Prices Pakistan|Buy Gemstones Online

A Gemstone of Beauty and Wealth

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A Gemstone of Beauty and Wealth

Opal is a Gem of beauty, charm, wealth and divine grace. It leads one to have a luxurious life. It bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer and enhances financial prosperity. It is helpful for those in business particularly connected with travel and tourism, imports & exports.

The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word “upala”, meaning “valuable stone”. Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit.

The ancient Romans wore opal as a symbol of hope and purity and believed it could cure illness. In ancient India, opal was referred to as the Goddess of the Rainbow, turned to stone. Ancient Arab cultures believed opal had fallen from the sky and that the play of color was trapped lightning. According to Arab lore, opal could make the wearer invisible.

Opal benefits:

It also gives you an attractive personality.

It gets rid of problems in your home and household

It also brings you the benefits of owning you own vehicle

Opal Ring for Love and Marriage

Opal ring also helps in finding the right solution to troubled love life or marital life. Those people who face delay in marriage can wear an Opal to find the expected solution. Opal stones are regarded as a very lucky stone and is said to be a symbol of confidence and faithfulness.

You can donate Opal stone if you have any problems in your married life or in getting married (Love).

Spiritual Properties / Spiritual Healing

Opal rings help in lessening bad dreams and help you with a good night’s sleep.

opal is used for high spiritual crystal energy vibrations. It is said to be able to help one be “invisible” in situations where one doesn’t want to be noticed.

Emotional / Mental / Intellectual Properties

Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer.  It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions.  Encourages both freedom and independence.  It stimulates originality and creativity.  Helps to release anger and claim self worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self. opal is said to enhance memory and to decrease confusion.


Physical / Health Properties

Opal rings are worn to prevent minor illnesses. It is also said that an opal changes its color if a disease is likely to occur, hence warning you to stay safely. It is good for those who have sleeping disorders, nightmares and bad dreams constantly.

Opal medical benefits are that it is good for reproductive organs, balancing the right & left brain, overcoming depression and providing stomach disorders.

People who are physically weak can donate opal. Make sure you don’t eat too much of cold and bitter things if you’re wearing Opal.

Traditionally in crystal healing opal has been considered good for headaches, eyesight, blood n kidneys, insulin regulation, and the immune system.

Who can wear Opal:

if you feel your creativity/artistic streak is going away

you are getting stuck in all kinds of litigations and debts

you feel yourself stuck in life and are very afraid of your future.

you aren’t able to speak to anyone boldly

Source / Discovery /  Found / Mines:

Australia produces most of the Opal Gemstones in the world. Other sources of Opal Gemstones include the USA, Turkey and Brazil.

( Please note that Health n healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments )


Gemstones might routinely carry negative energies, and the stone or ring can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight.


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