This is very effective and fruitful rohani wazifa and amal for fulfilling desired wishes and hajaat.

How To Use:  Read 1000 times surah e Ikhlas daily after esha. just do this only 3 days.

or another wazifa is very effective whihc is Bismillah Wazifa

Read total 12thousands complete Bismillah daily till 3 days. But every 1000 times of reading Bismillah pray 2 rakat Nafal and then pray for your wish/problem then read remaining.

Through this total Nafal (2 rakat prayer) will be 24 and Bismillah will be read total 12thousands time daily.

you can do this wazifa only 3 days

InshAllah your desired will be fulfilled by Almighty Allah.

P.S. Permitted to All, now you dont need to take permission separately only for this Wazifa.

  1. plz mujhe yeh dono wazifay karnay ki ijaazit dain

  2. Kia Mey yey waxifa din Mey kr skti hu

  3. I need permission

  4. Can i do this two amal at a time. I need permission to do this both wazifa.

  5. Mujhe ijazat de?

  6. I need permission for both wazaif

  7. aslam o alykum.mre bht sare masle hy…kuch smjh ni arha kya parhlun.koi way smjh ni arha

  8. Pls give me permission..i want to do this wasifa..

  9. Plz mujhe wazifa krne ki ijzat de

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