Assalam O Alaykum Every One . Many people request Roohani Ijaz to share Taweezat for job and success. Today Roohani Ijaz presents a taweez for success and taweez for job for those people who are jobless.
This Taweez can also be very useful for the treatment of disease or illness.
How to Use This Taweez:
Use this Naqsh (Table in which numbers are written) and put it into water and use that water for the patient for 3 days. After 3 days change the Naqsh(Table in which numbers are written) and put new naqsh in water and again give it to patient.
Other Benefits :
This is a taweez for success and the major benefit of this taweez is ease in the getting a job or succcess in business if put it on you arm in a form of package . Also this is useful for goodwill of home and your shop or business if you keep it on mentioned places.


  1. plz can i have your permission to use this taweez for getting a jo

  2. ma bi us kr sakta how

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