Zircon Stylish Ring

Zircon Stylish Ring

A gemstone of Healing

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 A gemstone of Healing

Zircon symbolizes healing, and has a wide range of healing applications.  It helps it’s wearer to overcome loses, heals mental disturbances and promotes common sense. Zircon’s endless varieties of color can range anywhere from colorless to brown. It can have a remarkable shine, brilliance and clearness. This crystal owns its name to the Arabic words for “gold” and “color”. In its natural form zircon is colorless to pale yellow, or greenish in color. These varieties are caused by small amounts of impurity atoms, like thorium and uranium that substitute on the zirconium lattice site in the crystal lattice of zircon.

Powers of Zircon are :

Vitality and royalty

Sense and maturity

Guards and Prevents from physical attack


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