Charoite Silver Ring of Spiritual Powers

Charoite Silver Ring of Spiritual Powers

A Gemstone of Healing and Communication



A Gemstone of Healing and Communication

Charoite is called a “Stone of Healing and communication” and is a stone of power. In particular it transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive feelings.

Charoite is also a stone of inspiration, bringing enhanced creativity, spiritual growth, and showing new possibilities even in old situations.

Charoite is a stone of  connection for all who work away from home, and for those who live alone with little contact with others. It provides emotional healing for those who suffer acute loneliness and alienation from life, and eases fears of ill-health, pain and dying.


Spiritual Properties / Spiritual Healing

Charoite is especially important for Spiritual healers and Spiritual patients, as it inspires you to be of service to others and to Spirit.

Its energy reaches out to you, to bring your gifts to the world so that everyone can benefit. It is also highly protective, and it is a powerful stone to protect you from psychic attack.

Charoite’s emanation will help your body to adjust to the higher frequency energy. It is powerful for both healers and spiritual patients i.e. magic, genies, jinnat, Obstacles (Bundish), Evil Eye and to cure/help in all spiritual problems.

Meditation with Charoite

Charoite stone is effective to use in a meditation using crystals, whether you are new to it or have been doing meditation for some time.

This is a good stone to use in meditation, espeially if you are working to develop any of the psychic based powers.

Emotional Properties

Charoite can enhance or bring courage, inner strength, and appropriate assertiveness.

Removes stress, blockages, good interaction, acceptance and compatibility of others, overcomes fears, breaking bad habits

Mental  / Intellectual Properties

To build and enhance creativity and courage, New ideas and to help nerves system.

Charoite  assists in decision-making and facilitates faster responses.

Physical / Health Properties

Charoite is used in spiritual crystal healing for speeding up healing of all kinds, headaches, relieve migraines , liver problems, alcohol detoxification, cramps, heart problems, eye problems, and nerves.

Source / Discovery /  Found / Mines:

Discovered in the 1940s, Charoite was unknown to the outside world until 1978. Its name is derived from the Chara (or Charo) River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only site in the world where it is found. The word “Chary” in Russian means “magic” or “charms.”


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