This is very effective and fruitful rohani wazifa and amal for fulfilling desired wishes and hajaat.

How To Use:  Read 1000 times surah e Ikhlas daily after esha. just do this only 3 days.

or another wazifa is very effective whihc is Bismillah Wazifa

Read total 12thousands complete Bismillah daily till 3 days. But every 1000 times of reading Bismillah pray 2 rakat Nafal and then pray for your wish/problem then read remaining.

Through this total Nafal (2 rakat prayer) will be 24 and Bismillah will be read total 12thousands time daily.

you can do this wazifa only 3 days

InshAllah your desired will be fulfilled by Almighty Allah.

P.S. Permitted to All, now you dont need to take permission separately only for this Wazifa.