Situation of Jobs in Pakistan| Wazifa for Jobs

Situation of jobs in Pakistan is getting worst and worst everyday. Finding jobs in Pakistan has become difficult due to global economic crisis. Roohani Ijaz presents a very useful Wazifa for job. We hope that this Wazifa will help you in finding your dream job.

Please read this wazifa after Fajar or Isha prayer 313 times till 21 days before and after 11 times Darood e Pak.

During this you will get InshAllah good job/rizq.

P.S. Permitted to All, now you dont need to take permission separately only for this Wazifa .



Some Useful Websites To Find Jobs In Pakistan

Besides this Wazifa for job, you have to keep applying for jobs. Here are some useful websites to find jobs in Pakistan. We hope that this effort from Roohani Ijaz will be a handy resource for you to find your dream job in Pakistan.