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Love Marriage Tips|Love Marriage Wazifa

The topic of love marriage versus arranged marriage is debated frequently on different platforms. There are different factors which make a love marriage successful or unsuccessful. You will find many love gurus giving you love marriage tips and relationship advice but you will never find the true love unless or until you don’t go after it by yourself.

Roohani Ijaz presents you a free wazifa for love marriage/ love spell, which could be really helpful for those people who really want to get married to their loved ones.

This is Rohani wazifa,amal for Love Marriage.

Pasand ki shadi,nikah kay leye yeh wazifa ha.

How To Do This Spiritual Love Spell/ Rohani Wazifa for Love Marriage:

Read this wazifa/Prayer 1200 times daily after Esha Prayer til 12 days. (or 12 x 3 =36days)
or even u can Read it 12thousand Times daily til 3 days.

Its very important and tested wazifa for which you must have to get permission.


Some important points for this amal/wazifa for love/love spell

Here below are some points for amal if you keep these points then the result will be 100% InshAllah.

1. Read it just for Marriage

2 Keeping the Halal Food always.

3 During the Amal/wazifa you must have to obey all Islamic Rules i.e. 5 Times prayers. Talking truth, listen and obey parents/teachers/elders, don’t hurt any one etc…

4 . You must have to get permission of this method.

5. If the Lover or beloved one is affected by Magic, Genie (Jinnat) effects so you must have to cure about it.

6. If you Pray 2 rakat daily of Salat o Toba so better at least you pray first time when you start the amal/wazifa.

7. Read Before and after 7 or 11 Times Darood Shareef

8. During the amal you have to concentrate about your beloved one and at the end of wazifa say his/her name with mother name and yours also with mother name and then blow with concentration/in mind on him/her

9. Start amal on Monday or Thursday or Friday

10. Don’t inform about your amal to any one. And don’t be fade up.

11. Before starting amal better if you give/do Some Sadqa (as much u can afford easily) to give food even one needy/hungry person

  1. main aapk site ki comments padhti hun kabhi kabhi kya non muslims can do wazeefa? mujhe to lagta hai permission nahi deni chahiyye aapko uncle unhe jo RAB aur Huzur(S.A.W) ko mante na hon. request for duwa

  2. muje ye wazife ki plz ijjazat de dijie

  3. muje pasand ki shadi ke lia ijazat chahia…

  4. mujhe nikah ka dua and tareeka app bata sakte hai plzzz dua aur kisse huta hai kya kya parna chaaiye

  5. salam
    plzz mujhe nikah ka dua aur tareeka bata sakte hai plzz aur dua be jo mulve padte hai plzz

  6. I need permission for this wazifa.

  7. AoA,

    How are you sir , Umeed kerti hon k app theek hon gey . i am in desparate need of help i want to marry this guy we know each other for almost more then 4 years now . initailly we disliked each other but after a year we started speaking due to office concerns and then turned out to be bestest friends ever and after we were more then just friends . just for your information he is already married and has a very nice wife . with the passage of time we fell madly in love with each other and could not stand a single day wihout talking to each other. its been more then 6 months now that he has stopped talking to me and has swore upon his mom to end this relationship with me .
    dear sir , i would like you to know i am a one man women , and since the day he has left me i hv lost health , i am weak and depressed . i have even made up my mind to move on as he is already married but i am still there where he has left , i just cant accept anyone else in my life and i can not ruin anybody elses life by marrying him because i love only and only him , he is still my life .. i am very focused on the decision that i have made i want to marry him or nobody else . accepting anyone else leads me to death . i have already back off 15 days before my marriage as everything was planned and arranged and booked. but as my marraige days were coming close i was feeling closer to death .. pls help me i want to get him back and spend my life with him as his beloved wife . n i have no issues with his 1st marriage pls help me and give me a very powerfull strong wazifa

  8. plz give me permision 4 this wazifa

  9. My father is aganist love marriage only because the guy is from out of caste. Everytime, anyone tries to discuss with him this topic, he gets really angry and refuses to marry me out of caste due to relatives pressure. I fear ALLAH the most and I want my father’s complete happiness in it because only will then I can live a peaceful and happy life. I am waiting for ALLAH (SWT) mircale to happen. Please tell me if i can do this wazifa.

  10. Does this wazifa work. Will the results come after 12 days or do I have to continue it till results show

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